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Countdown to Beulah sailing


Dave Dellenbaugh Rules Seminar

The master teaches you the rules

March 10th - 9 - 4:30 at Lake Beulah Yacht Club

"LBSS is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization providing sailing education since 1972."

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Dave Dellenbaugh Speed and Smarts Seminar

Register here for a day on Lake Beulah March 10th listening to one of the nation's foremost authorities on rules, tactics and boat handling. Sign up for an AM or PM session or attend the entire day. $40 per session or $75 for the day. Youth are half price.

9-12 Starts - Covered topics include pre-start planning, picking the favored end, the importance of line bias, using a line sight, defending your hole, making your final approach, coming off the line (after the gun), evaluating risk, key racing rules, starting philosophy and more!

Noon - 1:00 Lunch provided for full-day participants

1-4 Upwind Sailing - Topics include how to pick the favored side of the beat, windshift strategy, risk versus reward, laylines, current, strate- gic rules of thumb, light versus heavy air, tactical positioning, covering, wind shadows, fleet management, key rules, and more

Congrats on Skiff Midwinters Title
After christening a new boat last week (thanks to LBYC donors), Steph Roble and Maggie Shea won their first regatta in the 49erFx.  The two competed in the Skiff Midwinters in Miami in waters where they train. Roble commented, "a new boat created an ease of boat speed we had not experienced before and all of our hard work on boat handling this winter shined through on the race course. Thank you to LBYC for the opportunity." Roble-Shea are warming up for Sailing World-Miami Championships at the end of the January. This event was previously called the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta. 2018 is a very important year because they can start qualifying the country for the Olympics at the World Championship in August if they place in the top 8.  Roble jumped into the boat as a trial last season with no practice and Maggie having a whole quad of experience under her belt. After a year and a podium finish overseas, this year will be quite a different story. The two are serious contenders, training full time in Miami.

    Lake Beulah Yacht Club

    Lake Beulah Yacht Club in East Troy, WI was incorporated in 1893. It is the home to C and MC scow, X boat and Optimist sailing.  LBYC is proud to be the home of Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year Stephanie Roble and Annie Haeger. The mission of LBYC is to promote and encourage the sport of sailing: To support and sponsor Club sailboat racing and regattas on the waters of Lake Beulah; to support associations involved in the regulation or promotion of the sport of sailing; to promote the sportsmanship, good fellowship and volunteerism which are the natural result of the activities supported and sponsored above. 



    Lake Beulah Yacht Club

    Phone: 262-642-4468

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