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C, MC, X, Opti and Laser Sailing on the waters of Lake Beulah, East Troy, Wisconsin

PO Box 833
N9220 East Shore Road
East Troy, Wisconsin 53120

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Welcome to Our New Members
Andrew Bohl
Christine Porter
Brian Bellew and Jane Kiernan
Les and Diana Birbaum - Steve, Emma, Kendall and Alec
Anne Franzene
Kent Christian Haeger
Scot and Keri Kent
Mike LaFratta - 2013
Tim and Marie LeRoy - Aaron, Annaliese and Caroline
Wendy Maland
Katie McMurray
John and Lucille Meehan
Mark Misch
JP Mull
Shawn and Katie Murphy
Liam Norris
Robbie and Alicia Norris - 2013
Carol Porter - 2013
Sydney and  Maggie Probst
Norm and Rose Sass
Neil and Sara Seeger
Preston Ward

Welcome new babies - Gabriella Muller


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Annie Haeger is Top American as 2014 Olympic Quest begins

Annie Haeger and Brianna Provancha finished fifth in Palma, Spain. Sailing in the Women's 470, Annie was the top ranking American in a tough wind condition event. Annie and Brianna move to Hyeres, France for the next European event. 

Look at Beulah at the NCAA

 When Shawn Murphy looked over his shoulder at the Final Four, who did he see? Lake Beulah members Mike LaFratta and Tim Lange. It was Beulah Badger Fever in Dallas. Let's hope the trio brings more luck to the homelake waters than the hard court at ATT Stadium. With 77,000 watching, how can Beulah find each other? 

Spring is coming; Summer to follow

Update 4/10/14 Shorelines are open. Ice is moving. Won't be long.
Golden pond is still covered with a thick sheet of ice, it's a great day for iceboating! 
As the sun rises over Beulah we take hope, the weather will warm and the lake will melt.  Spring will arrive and hard upon it will follow summer!  The board has been hard at work and a full slate is planned!  It all begins with Workday, Saturday, May 3rd. 8:00. Frank Rappold will have your duties and donuts waiting.  Sailing starts the weekend of May 17!

Record Number of MCs to Attend Lake Eustis Event

Seven, count them seven, sailors will travel together to find warm weather and SAIL! Here's the list: Steve Rotier, Al Haeger, Chris Kubicek, Dennis Smalley, John Porter, and Beulah tagalongs Zack Clayton and Mike Considine. Good luck, gentlemen. ---And Franzene and Lippert are going to cheerlead

They've started Sailing Again!

Not around here, mind you, but down south...
Anne Haeger and crew sailed in the 470 North Americans and were crowned NorthAm Champs, and also finished first in the World Cup.  The new ISAF World Rankings came out and they have moved up to 3rd in the World as they head off to Europe on March 19.
Mary Claire Kiernan crewed @ Club 420 Midwinters for Lucy Wilmot and finished Third overall and first girl team -
solidified their third overall finish with a convincing win in race 11.  Lucy had crewed for MC last summer at Geneva in the Nationals where they finished second.

Winter comes to Lake Beulah

There's snow on the grass, a couple dustings so far.  There's ice on the pond, the forecast says it's here to stay.  There's hats on the girls, to ward off the chill.  Winter has come to Lake Beulah.

It's the Off-season

All quiet on the Beulah front as the leaves turn and fall and the snowbirds head south.  Carol and co. have put together the last Mainsheet of the year - see it in full color right here:  MAINSHEET  Happy offseason!

2013 Champions Crowned and Awards Presented

The 2013 Season has concluded. Here are our champs:
Optimist Fleet - Green - Brian Zettlemoyer                              Red, White and Blue - Bridget Barr
X Fleet - Charlie Kutschenreuter and Annie Cate Schmidt
Laser Fleet - Erin Sullivan
MC Fleet - Michael Greeson
C Fleet - John Porter and Pat Welscher  
US Sailing Sportsmanship Award - Al Haeger
Bill Berman Service Award - Carol Stein
Glen Wegener Sailing School Students of the Year - Caroline Skotarzak and Kendall Birbaum
Katcha National/International Competition Trophy - Annie Kate Haeger
Best Regatta Winner - John Barr and Gabe DiBiase
Boiled Owls - Brooke and Eric Komas    


2013-14 LBYC Officers
Installed August 25, 2013

Commodore - Frank Davenport  Vice Commodore - Chris Kubicek
Rear Commodore - Vicki Bohl    Past Commodore - Robert Klement
Secretary - Steve Barth              Treasurer - Dick Dow
Yachtsman at Large - Don Stein    Social Chair - Peggy Krueger
                         House and Grounds - Frank Rappold



May 3rd - Workday
May 4th - Private Rental
May 16th - Bilge Pullers
May 24th - Opening Party
May 31st - Private Party

Bilge Pullers - May 16th - LBYC

2014 Regatta season
June 23 - Lake Beulah Sailing School Opti Regatta contact Nancy Schmidt at and Molly Barr.
July 21 - ILYA No Tears, No Guns, No Protests East
(not a Red, White, Blue event. If you have placed in the top five and consistently show that level of expertise, please plan to attend the ILYA Green event at Cedar) - Contact Candace Porter at candaceporter@wi.rr.comNo Tears East NOR  No Tears East Registration Form

June 30 - July 1 Quad Lakes X event - Beulah, Cedar, Nagawicka, Pine, Oshkosh and recipients of the ILYA X Grant program  Contact Kathy Kiernan at and Dee Dee Birbaum.
2014 X Quad NOR                                   2014 X Quad Registration Form
Sept 20-21 Beulah Challenge -  Contact Katie Porter Murphy at
Sept 6-7  George Dorn Regatta - Contact Kathy Will at and Mitzy Dorn.

Mainsheet -  11.15.13