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Lake Beulah Yacht Club in East Troy, WI was incorporated in 1893. It is the home to C and MC scow, X boat and Optimist sailing.  LBYC is proud to be the home of Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year Stephanie Roble and Annie Haeger. The mission of LBYC is to promote and encourage the sport of sailing: to support and sponsor Club sailboat racing and regattas on the waters of Lake Beulah; to support associations involved in the regulation or promotion of the sport of sailing; to promote the sportsmanship, good fellowship and volunteerism which are the natural result of the activities supported and sponsored above. 

Countdown to Beulah sailing


Opening Party - May 26


"LBSS is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization providing sailing education since 1972."

Future Sidestays Home - Under Construction

Float Boat Tour information here upon completion. Sidestays general information. 

Fifty Sailors Attend Dellenbaugh Clinic

Thanks to the Beulah sailors and Greg Thomas, the yacht club was host to 50 sailors (19 juniors) from fourteen lakes to hear Dave Dellenbaugh speak on starts and upwind sailing: rules, tactics and strategy.  Dave's ability to simplify and clearly explain the many variables on the race course makes his speeches and materials invaluable.  Speed and Smarts is a subscription series which is colorful, well-illustrated and clearly articulated. Dellenbaugh was most familiar with Lake Beulah due to his relationship with Colin Smith, Steph Roble and Annie Haeger.  

Thanks to Katie Murphy and Dave Berg for the lunch and break assistance and preparation. Thanks to the Wed night MC dinner crowd for setup, Industrial Associates (John Porter) for the loan of technical equipment, the ILYA for WI-FI and all the participants for facility breakdown and clean up. A special acknowledgement to Alex Rietz who was singled out by Dellenbaugh as an outstanding youth contributor and also for his post-event hustle and gracious help. 

Photo and video editing thanks go to Dave Berg.

Julie Clayton Wins Polevault competition in NYC


It's not sailing on water, but Julie Clayton sails through the air - 12 feet high. She won the Big East Indoor Championship title this weekend to help the Marquette Eagles to a runner-up win at the Track and Field Meet. Clayton is shown with her teammate who won the men's division title. 



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