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C, MC, X, Opti and Laser Sailing on the waters of Lake Beulah, East Troy, Wisconsin Since 1897
PO Box 833
N9220 East Shore Road
East Troy, Wisconsin 53120

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New members 2016
Julie Brandt - Elise and Mia
Bruce and Elizabeth Firestone
    Emma Beiriger
Scott Hudson deTarnowsky
Dr. Charles Frank and Karen Peters
Ingrid Franzene
Stephanie Hudson
Joe and Pam Katcha
   Ellen and Andrew 
Alex Keck
Harper Komas
Marlie Murphy
Amelia Porter
Terry Savage
Callie Smith
Melanie and Sydney Urben
   Frederick Skotarzak
David and Michaela Ward
   Matthew and Kaitlyn
In Memoriam
Jana Lynn Davenport King
Ralph Gehrmann
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Humphrey
Butch Knopf
Jim McKinnon
Alta Stumpf
Bruce Otto
Jack Komas
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Christmas party
It's time again to gather together for Christmas. Register online here or email  The East Troy High School Choir will again entertain us so get your donation ready since they so graciously return year after year .

SPINACH PECAN SALAD, dried cranberries, toasted 

 almonds, poppyseed vinaigrette 

PORK ROULADE, apple herb stuffing 

RED MASHERS, sage gravy 

GREEN BEANS, brown butter

Desserts by the committee
Last Mainsheet of 2016 - MS - 11.18.16
Also this is the last edition of Carol Stein's illustrious career as Mainsheet Editor! For years now she's done a ton of work to keep us all in the know and entertained all at the same time. A huge thank you to Carol for her countless hours of service!
Annie Haeger Named ILYA Member of Year
annie with Hunt
Olympian Annie Haeger was presented with the 2016 William Hunt Trophy as ILYA Member of the Year. Haeger presented at the Fall/Winter Inland meeting describing the Rio experience, training and execution in addition to thanking the ILYA for its support during her four-year campaign. Annie was presented the trophy in person following the event by Executive Director Dave Berg. 
Anne and Joe Win C Worlds 
With a second place finish at Beulah Challenge and top finish at C Worlds, the B-217 turned up the heat end of season. Anne came out smokin', leading the boys around as 217 bulleted both the races Saturday morning, and Joe didn't blow it in the afternoon heats so they led at the end of the day with Andrew and the B-23 in 2nd. The 217 did what was required to hold the lead Sunday morning and take the title, while Dave Davenport took the 23 helm and tried valiantly to fill Andrew's shoes but alas let the 23 slip to 3rd overall.
anne and joe at Worlds
Nan Norris Beulah Challenge 
It was a beautiful weekend on Beulah and we had a spirited fleet of 33 boats assembled! Hats off to B-88 Jay and Tom Hiller, the 2016 NNN Beulah Challenge Champions! Will Norris postersClick here for final RESULTS
George Dorn Memorial MC Regatta - RESULTS
Beulah Season Winds Down
The LBYC end of season activities bring new officers and crown new winners.
Opti Champ - Jonah Boykin
X Champs - Brigit Barr and Caroline LeRoy
MC Champ - Al Haeger
C Champ - Kent Haeger and Mike Greeson
Bill Berman Service Award - Beth Kreinbrink
US Sailing Sportsmanship and Katcha Award - Annie Kate Haeger
Klement X Regatta Champ - Brigit Barr and Caroline LeRoy
LBSS Student of the Year - Maggie Probst, shown below
New officers:
Commodore Al Haeger
Vice Commodore Steve Barth
Asst. Sailing Commodore Joe Skotarzak
Secretary Bridgette Bonifield
Treasurer Jeff Mueller
Social Chrissy Kubicek
House and Grounds John Porter
Yachtman at Large Steve Rotier
Past Commodore Vicki Bohl
Thanks to Chris Kubicek, Hardy Will and Molly Barr for their service.
ILYA Championships - Beulah Brought it Strong
The ILYA held the big event last week on Lake Geneva and the Beulah crew turned out in force and represented well. There were 197 boats across four fleets and there were highlights galore. Dave Davenport's RedEye A Scow team won two of the four races and took second overall! In the three races on the MC course, Al Haeger won one and Mike Greeson, who finished 5th overall, won another of them! The C fleet was full of Beulah excitement over the five race series as John and Pat led the way, finishing second only to some guy from Geneva name of Burdick. Team Cookie was joined in the top ten by the brothers Brickler, who followed up their 2nd at WYA with a 4th at ILYA! Taylor Canfield and Ben Porter followed closely in 5th while Frank and Ron were 7th and Joe and Randy rounded out the money spots in 10th. So fully half of the top ten were Beulah boats, even without perennial favorites Kent and Will Haeger on the scene! In addition to all that Charlie Kutsch and friends took a bullet in Race 2 to bring some more hardware home to Beulah. Candace and the Robles also served on RC and Dave Porter was ever-present on the volunteer scene and Dave Berg did a great job documenting it all in his first ILYA as Executive Secretary. A big Beulah week to be sure.
Click here for RESULTS and here for Dave's work with ILYA FB Video/Pix
Team HP and ground crew bringin' it strong in Rio
ILYA X Championship in the books - Brigit Barr busts a move
The X fleet traveled west to beautiful Okoboji in western Iowa for the Inlands and a good time was had by all.  Lots of fun and excitement and a number of Beulah boats sailed well and brought home hardware in both the Junior and Senior fleets. Brigit Barr and Caroline LeRoy led the Beulah charge. On the Senior course it was an all-out battle with four boats clearly rising above the fleet and having a pitched battle for the title - they were the WYA and former Junior ILYA champ Christian Spencer, some Melges kid from Geneva, another Geneva racer, and the B-6. They pounded away at each other over the course of seven races and it's only too bad there was no wind Saturday morning for the final event, as that would have been epic! In the end young Mr. Spencer took another title, with Brigid and the Melges and Navin boys virtually tied for 2nd a few points back. And so Brigid and Caroline won the Top Girl award by a lot.
WYA X Championship on Beulah
Saturday was a washout for racing, no wind then storms, but good times as the kids swam their hearts out. Sunday was warm and windy and three good races were finished. Hats off to Christian Spencer and Jack Steiner of Pewaukee, who won the first two races and the overall title. Ellie Harned from Pine Lake, with Monroe Melges crewing, won the third race and finished second overall. Click here for FINAL RESULTS
Thanks to John Theisen for signs at the lake and up the hill
(we do have fine food, if it were just "Sailors Welcome")
theisen sign
Beulah Overhead during WYA X regatta
Alex got 3rd at the GLSS Opti, Ashley's team won the Ladies Clinic and Shari sailed for the first time EVER and "had a blast!" and then at the TRAC regatta Friday it was a Mueller sweep as Ashley took the RWB title and Alex dominated the Green fleet! Way to go Team Mueller!
Breaking News. Unbelievable! Beulah C Boaters Take A Nationals!
Davenport A Nats
Dave Davenport, Team RED EYE, won A Nationals!  Lake Beulah is not large enough to support the size of an A, so Dave Davenport bought a used boat, took Beulah C sailors and in two years took home the national title.  Dave Davenport, Joe Kutsch, Peter Keck, Ben Porter, Joe Sko, Papa Kutsch and Joe's girlfriend Molly Forbes took the title by storm. No one could have expected anything close to this!!! A marvel to all in attendance. All shown above with Joe Bitter as tender driver. 
LBSS Opti Regatta - it's on today
It's a lovely bluebird kind of day and as always it's blowing on Beulah!
We have a spirited group assembled on both RWB and Green courses and the racing starts at 10.
Check back here for results as they happen:
RWB            GREEN
Meet the next generation - KinderPram is on! 
Saturday morning was beautiful and warm and sunny and it seems the kids are alright! There was a spirited group for the rebirth of LBSS KinderPram and good times were had by all - Bricklers and Mullers and Greesons, OH MY! It's not too late to get your young'un involved, check out for more info!
We had 59 yachts racing for the national championship on Lake Monona this weekend, and the B-303 topped them all, bringing the title back to Beulah. It was a very exciting weekend, big breezes on Friday and a storm and lots of tipped boats Friday night. Saturday morning cleanup and Saturday afternoon not enough breeze to get a race off. Sunday am more storms and nervousness waiting ashore, finally squeezed off one more race. Brian and Kevin won that race by a really lot, and the 303 hung tough and close enough to win the title by a very comfortable margin.  
Congratulations, champs! 2016 C Nationals Results
Beulah C fleet rolls on - also > MIR fleet
A fleet of 16 C scows raced the MIR and six of those had Bs on the sail, including all of the top four finishers, with Kent and MIke taking the title! Click here for RESULTS
New MC sailors  - Welcome David Ward and Mark Smith
Here Kaitlyn Ward supervises her dad, Dave, with neighbor David Porter
Beulah on a roll - also > LaBelle and the Tune-Up fleet
The LaBelley buttons put on their annual Tune-Up regatta this weekend and Beulah came in force again, including the Brothers Barr who joined in the fun with the Brothers Brickler and a couple of the Porter posse plus stalwart Andrew Bohl. In the end 3 races were run and the B-18 took home the title once again with 217 hot on their heels and 23 also in the top 10. Full results HERE
 Meanwhile back on shore Nick Byrnes tried out some new headgear while dad looked on approvingly.:
Beulah > Cedar - at least as far as C fleets are concerned, at least today
The Cedar Lake (WI this weekend) held their annual C and MC regatta this weekend and Saturday was a bit of a bust on account of spring squalls but there was lots of C racing on Sunday. Some no-name, Burdick or some such thing, lucked out and won the event, but the next three boats were all flying Bs as 12 and 317 and 23 followed close behind and well clear of the home-lake A boats! There were MCs racing there as well, Jim Gluek won the event and no B boats in the top 3. Click here for C RESULTS
Welcome Summer - Regatta Season has begun
Actually it began last weekend in Springfield but the crummy weather kept the killer B's home... The Cedar, IN Icebreaker was a different story as the B-team was out in force! Uncle Frank led the way (Ben Porter photo).
And they are off!!! Fundraising begins in earnest
Annie Haeger is shown here with her teammate Briana Provancha at a US Sailing supported fundraiser at New York Yacht Club.  The life of an Olympian consists of training, fundraising, training, Olympic team marketing, training and one weekend home which she will spend with us
June 4th. 
____________annie at NYYC______________
Opening Party -May 28th

Buffet Dinner - $25


Toothpicks Bourbon BBQ Ribs

Grill-Roasted Honey Chicken

Smashed Baby Red Potatoes

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables tossed in Herb Butter

Summer Salad with Trio of Dressings

Assorted Dinner Rolls with Butter

Assorted Appetizers and Desserts Provided by the Board

Children’s  Menu  -  $10

Pizza, Fruit, Garlic Bread and Dessert


Reserve via email or phone to:  Chrissy Kubicek,, 262-470-0143

Reserve online at

by Saturday, May 21st.

annie official
Lake Beulah Sends Annie and Briana Wind, Luck and Speed
The qualifying regatta for the Oympics starts on Tuesday for Annie Haeger. Watch for results here.
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The event runs April 5-12 (sailing starts on the 7th) at which time a US representative in the Men's and Women's 470 class will be named. All other classes have been named. Here is Beulah cheering her on. Thanks to Mike Greeson for the banner and to Hailey and Riley for helping Dad.
Charles Kaska - a real gentleman at all times - simply, none nicer 
Just back from the MC Zenda University Course that we organize.  The event was fantastic. We limit the class to 20 people so that everyone gets abundant coaching.  
The winner of the Sportsmanship Award there was Charles Kaska.  He was a real spark plug at the course. Really fun and did he ever improve!!!!  
Brief story on  Photo here of Charles....d.....  Hiking hard and having fun. Story below on
9 March 2016
Melges Performance Sailboats and North Sails Zenda puts on an MC Scow Racing Clinic each season, just a few days prior to the classes annual Midwinter Championship. The location is Lake Eustis, Florida - fantastic body of water for scow sailing, and a fantastic host club for such an event as Zenda University.
We limit the class to 20 boats / sailors so that each individual gets ample on-land and on-the-water coaching... learning how to sail their Melges MC faster, better! They learn what to practice, and how to practice so that they can improve.
2016 was a very successful class. Sailors attended from Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, Connecticut, Texas, Florida, Colorado, California, Missouri, Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina. Wow! A nice turnout! This was a fresh group of MC sailors - many very new to the boat and new to the Midwinter Regatta. The course is a fantastic way to encourage sailors to travel to a new event and take it all in. Racing, learning, fun sailing!
In two days time, we run nearly 15 races and have well over 20 practice starts. The name of the game is to create a racing environment, but then coach the sailors along the way. Instructors for this years clinic were: Andy Burdick, Ted Keller and Eric Hood.

The 2016 Zenda University Winner: Christopher Moore
2nd: Geoff Moehl
3rd: Eric Hanson

Most Improved: Eric Hanson
Most Enthusiastic: Mike Brown
Sportsmanship Award: Charles Kaska
It's Official - Rolex YotY to Annie Haeger
Dateline 3.3.16 - today in New York Annie was awarded US Sailing's highest individual honor.
Click to download Annie's full acceptance SPEECH and for PIX and Video and full details YotY

Annie Haeger wins Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year

Good gracious, the young ladies from the little club that could have done it again. It seems like just this time last year we were congratulating one of our favorite daughters for being named USS Rolex YotY! That's because it was this time last year, when Stephanie Roble won it. Now it's a new year and a new lady rockstar from Beulah has been awarded US Sailing's highest individual honor.


from US Sailing - US Sailing’s 2015 Role


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Congrats to our 2016 winners
ILYA MC Invite, LBSS Opti,
George Dorn and Nancy Norris Beulah
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