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Note the clubhouse is closed to all. That means do not enter for hydration or other. Signs are prominently posted with procedures. There is no cleaning currently planned until the house is re-opened. 


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Commodore's Message

LBYC 2020 Covid-19 Update   May 22, 2020

Good morning LBYC members, the board of directors had a meeting that ran late last night in careful deliberation of our schedule.  As you all know this pandemic is a fluid situation with changing recommendations daily.  

The board’s responsibility is to do what is in the best interest of the Lake Beulah Yacht Club and its members, not only for this weekend but for the years to come.  Therefore, the board has decided that there will be no activities (sailing, social or tennis) sanctioned by the Lake Beulah Yacht Club prior to June 13th.  We recognize that sailing may still occur through individual volunteer efforts; however, these races will not be organized or affiliated with LBYC.  

Please do what you feel is best for you and your family, and we look forward to resuming our normal schedule as soon as we can.
The next board meeting is scheduled for June 11th to reassess the situation.  A comprehensive plan has been brought forward for board review and that is currently underway.  We recognized that many individuals may feel strongly about the course of action they support, and our goal is to reach consensus about how best to proceed.

Please continue to monitor your email and the LBYC website as we work to keep you informed of how the plan will move forward.  Thank you to all the board members for their thoughtfulness and consideration during this time.  


Dennis Smalley and team have been working hard (or hardly working with all the rain we've had!) to get the courts in pristine playing condition.  Nets are scheduled to go up this weekend - let the games begin!  Social distancing, washing hands before and after play, not sharing drinks, towels, etc. are a few of the recommended guidelines from the USTA.  Member should follow complete USTA guidelines for playing, which were sent in separate email on 5/22/20.  Please wipe down the gate and any surface you touched with a disinfectant before and after leaving the courts.  A list of paid tennis members will be listed on the bulletin board by the courts.  At this time, no guests are allowed.  The board is meeting every two weeks to re-access the Covid situation and membership will be updated after each meeting. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

It's On to the Olympics!!! Wait, It's 2020ne

In the tightest race imaginable for the Olympic berth, with the need for a tie breaker,  Steph Roble and Maggie Shea beat two prior Olympians in her bid for the Olympics in Tokyo. This event was not for the feint at heart as Roble and Hencken traded good days. It was Roble's consistency versus Hencken's ability to finish top five on any day. What it was? Nerveracking for those of us at home! It all came down to the Medal Race on Saturday ) yesterday evening in Australia.  With the two neck and neck at the last leeward mark,  there was some contact, Roble was the beneficiary of that incident and went on to WIN,  yes, WIN the medal race. And it would take that to  earn the Olympic Berth.  Roble-Shea is the first American team to win a medal at a World Championship in this class.  The gritty team took home the bronze medal.  

So, Lake Beulah, take pride that in two successive Olympics,  Kent Haeger's little band of ragamuffins who sailed in Optis around the world are proud Olympians carrying the Beulah banner high! Watch for more news as it is released.  You may message them congratulations on the Roble Shea Facebook page. 

LBYC 2019 Champions

Ashley Mueller, Opti Champ

Ashley Mueller and Maggie Probst, X Champs

Chris Kubicek,  MC Champ

Kent Haeger and Mike Greeson, C Champs


Commodore - Mike Greeson
Vice Commodore - Kevin Brickler
Rear Commodore - Randy Schmidt
Past Commodore - Joe Skotarzak
Secretary - Marie LeRoy
Treasurer - Candace Porter
House and Grounds - Greg Thomas
Social - Julie Haeger
Yachtsman at Large - Rob Clayton



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