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Roble Shea launches the LBYC Spinnaker

LBYC Club News

Welcome 2021! Renew here

To minimize handling of money and to decrease waiting time at registration tables for events, LBYC will attempt to go cashless this year by asking you to register your credit card for a House Account. You may pay your bills monthly or more frequently.  Your use of house accounts will help us determine member from non-member income. Thanks for your cooperation.  For questions, contact Treasurer Candace Porter

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Our website background features our 2020 fleet champions. 


Annual Meeting  Elects New Board Members

Kevin Brickler (shown above) takes over the reigns as Commodore  of the Lake Beulah Yacht Club. Kevin will serve one year in this position after serving on the Board for two years prior.  He is an active C boat crew with his brother Brian and  his wife Molly have two young children in Optimists and X boats - Adele and Crosby.   

Welcome to Vicki Clayton, Jay Hiller and Lisa Whittet to the LBYC Board of Directors. Vicki will become the Rear Commodore, Jay returns to the Board as Yachtsman at Large and Lisa takes over the social reigns. 


First Wednesday Cookout - June 2
Register here   $12 onsite; $13 takeout; Children's (10 and under) $6/$7 takeout. Reservations are mandatory by Sunday night. Ten walk-ins accepted.      

Hometown Sausage Kitchen Pulled Pork
Simple Bakery (Lake Geneva) Freshly Baked Buns
Homemade coleslaw
Baked Beans from Hometown Sausage Kitchen
Homemade BBQ sauce
Fresh fruit and assorted  freshly baked cookies from Simple Bakery (Lake Geneva)

Your hosts: Mark and Maggie Smith, Joe and Pam Katcha, Norm and Rosemary Sass, Val Johnson, Mike LaFratta. Head bartender Candace Porter

Wednesday Cookout - June 9th





Your hosts: Rob and Penny Clayton, Roy and Judi Gerloff, Kevin and Kristina Conner, Dave & Michaela Ward, Lynn Welscher. Head Bartender: Kevin Brickler

Opening Party - Saturday, May 29th 

Details to follow

Sailing News

AL Haeger - 7th place MC Midwinters - Eustis, FL

LBYC Sailing Results 2020 

Championship - C MC X Opti Opti Green
Saturday - C
Sunday - C
Wednesday Night - C MC                               
July 4  - C MC X Opti
Stay at Home Handicap Series -- MC 
Weekday Series - X
Weekday Special Series - X
Friday Night Green - Opti                                          

Augie and Chandler Jarecki - Top Junior, MC Midwinters

LBYC 2020 Champions

Alex Mueller, 2020 Opti Champ

Brian Zettlemoyer and Matthew Ward, 2020 X Champs

Will Haeger and Brad Roble,  2020 C Champs photo by Rob deTarnowsky

John Porter,  2020 MC Champ


Commodore -Kevin Brickler
Vice Commodore - Randy Schmidt
Rear Commodore - Vicki Clayton
Past Commodore - Mike Greeson
Secretary - Marie LeRoy
Treasurer - Candace Porter
House and Grounds - Greg Thomas
Social - Lisa Whittet
Yachtsman at Large - Jay Hiller



Lake Beulah Yacht Club

Phone: 262-642-4468 seasonal

Lake Beulah Yacht Club Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Lake Beulah Yacht Club? Contact 
Candace Porter



453 River Crest St. - Mukwonago


Saturday Appointments Available