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The I-96 starting closest to the pin at Inlands. David Porter, John Porter, Michael Barr, and Chris Kubicek are all sailing on the I-96 at inlands.



ILYA A/MC Championships - Minnetonka Aug 12-15

ILYA C/E Championships - Minnetonka Aug 15-18

Watch for our Beulah Sailors on all four courses!



  Wednesday Night Cookout

August 16

Jennifer's Chicken Sandwiches


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Regatta Registration:
     Dorn MC Regatta - Registration open
     Beulah Challenge C Regatta - Registration open


X Senior Inland Championships
15 - Jonah Boykin and Callie Smith

No Tears Junior
1 - Hailey Greeson


XTreme X
2 - Annie Cate Schmidt./Annaliese  LeRoy
7 -  Jonah Boykin/Callie Smith

Quad Lakes
1 - Annie Cate Schmidt and Anneliese LeRoy
7 - Augie Jarecki and Billy Webber
8 - Jonah Boykin and Callie Smith
15- Ashley Mueller and Maggie Probst

LBSS Opti Regatta Results

2nd - Ashley Mueller and 2nd Red
6th - Izzy Rietz and 3rd  Blue
Alex Mueller - 3rd white

Al Haeger is Top MegaMaster at MC Masters Nationals. 

C National Championships
1- Peter Keck and Ben Porter  (also Race 1 Winner)
2 - John Porter and Pat Welscher (also Race 2 and 4 Winner)
3 - Kent Haeger and Mike Greeson (also Top Master)
8 - Joe Skotarzak and Anne Muller (also Race 3 Winner)
Top Junior - Michael Barr and Nora Kiernan (also Race 5 Winner)
Top female - Kate Klement and Rob Klement

Commodore's Ball

Roble/Shea Qualify for gold fleet

Hempel Sailing World Champioships Opening Ceremonies - Roble Shea

Commodore's Ball

As we were pulling out the X-Boats after the W Y A, the sun finally broke through and it became warm. We had 5 guys in the water helping pull 64 boats out onto trailers. The crew from B-5, Christian Conner came out and asked us if we had eaten. We smiled and replied no, that we needed to get the boats out as quickly as we can.

5 minutes later he came out with two plates, handed them out then went back in and repeated the process til everyone had a sandwich. We recognized him after trophies but as we are all trying to support fair sailing and sportsmanship this year, I thought his selflessness needed to be further recognized.

Great kid from your lake.


Brad Egan, Cedar Lake YC, Wisconsin

Breaking News

Young Hailey Greeson Wins No Tears Junior Fleet. 

Commodore Steve Barth and Regatta Chair Molly Brickler made the awards presentation extra special - Dum Dums and all.

ILYA C Invitational

Will Haeger, Brad Roble and Rachel Beers Win ILYA C Invitational

Thanks to UK Sails for the trophies. 

Annie Cate Schmidt and Anneliese LeRoy Take Quad Title



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