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Podcast with Steph Roble and Nevin Mills - The Strength Institute

Watch below for a podcast between Nevin Mills (Marge Harvey's grandson, Laurie Fossier-Mills' son) and Steph Roble. Nevin is a personal trainer in Australia who own his own gym- The Strength Institute. Steph and Nevin cover her journey to the Olympics - starting at Lake Beulah.

Steph Roble (L), Maggie Shea (R) and coach

Roble/ Shea Take Bronze in Italy

Steph Roble and Maggie Shea took the lead early in the medal race at the Hempel Sailing World - Genova event. Sitting in fifth, the duo nabbed the bronze medal with a second place finish in the medal race. They defeated the 2016 Olympic gold medalists who finished third in the medal race. Congrats to Steph as she moves on to France for more spring European sailing. 

Julie Clayton named Big East Scholar-Athlete award winner

Full story can be found HERE

CWarmup Series

Join Lake Geneva's Suzette Rowe who will teach yoga by the lake to prepare you for the weekend or Saturday sailing. We are offering classes 5 Saturdays this summer (listed below) at 8:30AM meet at the club for a 60 minute restorative yoga class. All ages and all fitness/experience levels welcome.Attend Kinderpram with your child and enjoy the talented Suzette Rowe on the following Saturdays: June 1 June 15 July 20 August 3 August 17 Pay $20 by the class or pay $80 for all five. Contact Katie Murphy at for more information.  Click here to register


Registration Online Closed -
Deadline May 17th noon

The LBYC Board of Directors invites you for cocktails, conversation and dinner on Saturday, May 25th.  Dinner catered by Toothpicks includes:

Adult menu

  • Chopped Salad
  • Memphis Style Ribs
  • Citrus & Herb Roasted Chicken
  • Potato Trio
  • Broccoli Apple Slaw
  • Brown Sugar Maple Baked Beans
  • Seasonal Vegetables
  • Dinner Rolls

Children's menu includes:

  • Fruit Salad
  • Chicken Tenders
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Seasonal vegetables

Dessert provided by your LBYC BOD.

The cost per person is $32 for adults, $12 for children 10 and under.  Cocktails start at 18:00, dinner served promptly at 19:00.

Reservations can be made online at or sending your check no later than May 17th to Julie Haeger, W1629 South Shore Drive.  Please feel free to email Julie at with any questions.  Don't forget to bring your best winter 'fish story' to share!

Tennis Deadline for Lessons Discount  is May 25th Go to tennis page for more info.

2019 PRO - Signal - Chase Assignments

Date Time  Race No.      PRO   Signal Team   Chase Boat  
    C MC X O              
18-May 10:30 WU1-2 WU1-2     MC/C WU D. Bohl   C. Porter   D. Berg/T. LeRoy
19-May 10:30 WU3-4 WU3-4     MC/C WU Matt Haeger   C. Klement   D. Franzene/M. Kiernan
25-May 10:30   WU5/CH1 WU1/CH1   MC/X D. Porter   M. Dorn   R. Jarecki/ Brad Roble
  1:30 WU5/CH1     C Milt Haeger   C. Porter   Rob Hudson/M. Smith
26-May 10:30   WU6/CH2 WU2/CH2   MC/X F. Davenport   B. Atkinson   J. Byrnes/T. Lange
  1:30 WU6-7/CH2-3     C J. Lippert   L. Haeger   K. Beren/ B. Bellew
  5:00       RWB CH1 OPTI M. Greeson          
27-May 10:30 WU8/CH4     C A. Haeger   C. Klement   S. Barth/J. Mueller
  1:30   WU7/CH3 WU3/CH3   MC/X J. Byrnes   S. Rotier   W. Haeger/K. Klement
29-May 5:00/6:05   W1     MC/C J. Lippert       Jay/Karin Hiller
  6:15 W1                    

RESULTS - 2019 Season



Countdown to Opening Party


Opening Party

See you in the Spring with our Opening Event in May. 

Wednesday Night cookouts begin the last week of May. It is the Sidestays Logo Night. Get your Beulah on!

It's off to LaBelle for C, X  and MC on May 18-19 or Geneva for E's


Commodore - Joe Skotarzak
Vice Commodore - Mike Greeson
Rear Commodore - Kevin Brickler
Past Commodore - Steve Barth
Secretary - Marie LeRoy
Treasurer - Jeff Lippert
House and Grounds - Greg Thomas
Social - Julie Haeger
Yachtsman at Large - Rob Clayton

Roble -Shea Qualify for the Pan American Games

Steph Roble and Maggie Shea are most excited to announce that they have qualified to represent Team USA at the Pan American Games and Tokyo Test Event this summer!!! The qualification process for these events started in late January at World Cup Miami and went into the racing at Trofeo Sofia.  We are proud to accomplish our goal of winning this Trial.

Most importantly, Roble-Shea wants to thank you so much Along with their title sponsor Kilroy Realty Corporation and the network of supporters from Chicago Yacht Club ILYA-Inland Lake Yachting Association,  Lake Beulah YC, Chicago Match Race Center and US Sailing Team !

Lake Beulah Sailors Named ILYA Members of the Year

John Porter and Al Haeger were awarded the William Hunt Trophy for their contribution to the ILYA Fair Sailing initiative. This coveted award honors Al and John's development of video, written and live presentations of the RRS  with the goal of instructing and encouraging a better knowledge and execution of the rules on the water.  Rick Roy of Pewaukee was the third joint recipient of the award.  Currently the award resides with Al Haeger so stop and visit and ask to view the award. 

2018 LBYC Season Champions

C Champions - Will Haeger and Brad Roble

MC Champion Al Haeger

X Champions and Boiled Owls Recipients - Annie Cate Schmidt and Caroline LeRoy

Optimist Champ - Ashley Mueller

US Sailing Sportsmanship Award - John Porter

Berman Service Award - Molly Barr



Lake Beulah Yacht Club

Phone: 262-642-4468

Lake Beulah Yacht Club Sponsors

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