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LBYC Club News

Thank you from Roble Shea

Social Committees

While we all thought that we were through all of the health issues, this is definitely a year of transition.  Some people have been vaccinated, while others including children, have not been vaccinated.  We understand and respect your freedom of choice, however we still need your help.  Your committee chairs are counting on your contributions! 

The board respects people's choice and wants to keep everyone healthy while offering our members a fun and social summer.  In order to do that we need our membership to pull together like we know Beulah always does.  If there are any volunteers that can take additional social assignments and fill in the gaps when needed, please let Lisa Whittet know. 

For those who are not vaccinated and helping serve, we ask those people wear masks and gloves when preparing and working with drink or food items.  Also if people have young family members and want to limit the exposure to themselves or their family members, they will be asked to help in some other way.  Please contact your committee chair to work out how you can help them with your scheduled event.   We are counting on your help.  And we thank you!

Lisa Whittet

Sign up to help at ILYA Opti Champs - July 31 -Aug 3

Social Events

Thursday Sidestays Noon Social 
This week we will be welcoming Dan O’Leary who will talk to us about THE ART OF BEE KEEPING.  Word has it he’s a very interesting speaker so it should be another lovely luncheon at the Club.  Hostesses are:  Sandy Rotier, Linda Haeger and Kathy Will.

Lunch served at noon, Dan will speak after lunch and then games if there is interest. Reservations not necessary but appreciated - email Peggy at or call 642-4849.

Wednesday Cookout - July 28

MENU  $12 Adult | $6 Child

Italian Chicken Sandwiches
Broccoli Tortellini Salad
Ice Cream Cake

Dinner and a Book | July 27th

Meet the author, Lake Beulah’s own Christina Clancy and come to discuss her first book “The Second Home”. During this discussion enjoy a meal featuring Sauced Pizzeria in East Troy.  There will also be an optional wine pairing with the pizza for an additional $18.

6:00 Diinner


Margherita Pizza:
with aromatic basil makes this the perfect pair with a Rose from France.

The Greek Pizza:
is a great flavor companion with a Chardonnay from California.

Prosciutto Verde Pizza: 
has a strong flavor and balances well with a Barbera wine from Italy.

Caesar salad

Melon salad

Cookies and Cream Gelato

All wines will also be available by the glass at the bar.


Food: $20 | Wine pairing (optional add on): $18

The Second Home Softcover $17.92

The Second Home Hardcover $28.47

(Books are sourced through our local bookshop - InkLink. Books ordered will be delivered to the yacht club and you will be contacted when they are available for pickup). 

Sailing News

LBYC Sailing Results 2021

Look at bottom of screen for the individual series' scores 

C Fleet
MC Fleet
X Fleet
Opti Fleet
Opti Green
Laser Fleet                           


C Nationals
4) Will Haeger/Brad Roble

1) Kent Haeger/ Mike Greeson

Springfield  Spring
2) Frank Davenport
3) Brian/Kevin Brickler

Icebreaker (Cedar, IN) 
1) Michael/Cullen Barr
3) Frank Davenport/ Jr. Impens
10) Andrew Bohl/Brad Roble/Vicki Bohl
12) Kate Klement/Will Haeger/Neal Klement

Cedar, WI Spring
1)  Kent Haeger/Mike Greeson
14) Michael Barr/Haley Thomas
17) Andrew Bohl/Ben Porter/Kelsy Cole

LaBelle Tuneup  
1) Michael Barr/ Haley Thomas
4) Brian/Kevin Brickler
9) Andrew Bohl/Kelsy Cole
13) Frank Davenport


ILYA Invitational
2) David Porter

Wisconsin MC Champs
3) Chris Kubicek
16) Vicki Clayton
17) David Porter
18) Al Haeger

Cedar, WI Spring Regatta  
9)  David Porter


13) Brian Zettlemoyer/Matthew Ward
18) Elise Brandt/Molly Pluess
21) Alex Mueller/Mason Keane
22) Caroline LeRoy/Colin Connor
31) Macy Nuedorff/Morgan Seaverson
34) Callie Smith/George Lillwitz
36) Chandler Jarecki/Adele Brickler
43) Izzy Rietz/Hailey Greeson

3) Brian Zettlemoyer/Matthew Ward
7) Christian Connor/Camryn Neudorff
19) Caroline LeRoy/Colin Connor
26) Elise Brandt/Molly Pluess
29) Alex Mueller/Mason Keene
48) Chandler Jarecki/Adele Brickler
49) Macy Neudorff/Morgan Seaverson
51) Izzy Rietz/Hailey Greeson
52) Callie Smith/George Lillwitz
66) Mia Brandt/Avery Keane

5) Caroline LeRoy/Colin Connor
6) Elise Brandt/Molly Pluess
7) Brian Zettlemoyer/Matthew Ward
9) Alex Mueller/Mason Keane
15) Chandler Jarecki/Adele Brickler
16) Christian Connor/Camryn Neudorff
18) Callie Smith/George Lillwitz
19) Izzy Rietz/Hailey Greeson
29) Mia Brandt/Avery Keane
31) Macy Neudorff/Lane Dresden

TRAP - Senior Fleet
9) Izzy Rietz/Hailey Greeson
14) Caroline LeRoy/Colin Connor
19) Callie Smith/George Lillwitz

TRAP - Junior Fleet
1) Alex Muller/Mason Keane
7) Elise Brandt/Molly Pluess
13) Chandler Jarecki/Adele Brickler
14) Christian Connor/Camryn Neudorff
23) Macy Neudorff/ Morgan Seaverson
31) Mia Brandt/Avery Keane


GLSS - Green Fleet
6) Crosby Brickler
7) Ben Seaverson
8) George Lillwitz
13) Morgan Seaverson
14) Kyle Connor
15) Natalie Angelo
18) Riley Greeson
24) Amelia Cychosz
28) Isabella Cychosz

GLSS - RWB Fleet
7) Izzy Rietz
8) Christian Connor
9) Alex Mueller
10) Mason Keane (1st White fleet)
12) Mia Brandt
15) Hailey Greeson
16) Avery Keane
27) Brianna Byrnes
28) Adele Brickler
37) Camryn Neudorff
43) Audrey Seaverson
47) Madalyne Stamm

TRAC - Green Fleet
1) Crosby Brickler
6) Luca Muller
9) Kyle Connor
17) Riley Greeson
22) Luke Nowak
28) Isabella Cychosz
29) Amelia Cychosz
30) Ella Muller

LBSS Opti Regatta - Green Fleet
3) Morgan Seaverson
7) Natalie Angelo
8) Ben Seaverson
9) Luca Muller
11) Arian Kehl
13) Riley Greeson
24) Ella Muller
29) Amelia Cychosz
35) Isabella Cychosz 

LBSS Opti Regatta - RWB Fleet
11) Mason Keane
13) Avery Keane
20) Hailey Greeson
24) Mia Brandt
28) Breanna Byrnes
37) Cadence Kehl
40) Matthew Ward
45) Audrey Seaverson
46) Madalyne Stamm



LBYC 2020 Champions

Alex Mueller, 2020 Opti Champ

Brian Zettlemoyer and Matthew Ward, 2020 X Champs

Will Haeger and Brad Roble,  2020 C Champs photo by Rob deTarnowsky

John Porter,  2020 MC Champ



Lake Beulah Yacht Club

Phone: 262-642-4468 seasonal


Commodore -Kevin Brickler
Vice Commodore - Randy Schmidt
Rear Commodore - Vicki Clayton
Past Commodore - Mike Greeson
Secretary - Marie LeRoy
Treasurer - Candace Porter
House and Grounds - Greg Thomas
Social - Lisa Whittet
Yachtsman at Large - Jay Hiller

Lake Beulah Yacht Club Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Lake Beulah Yacht Club? Contact 
Candace Porter



453 River Crest St. - Mukwonago


Saturday Appointments Available