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Lake Beulah Yacht Club in East Troy, WI was incorporated in 1893. It is the home to C and MC scow, X boat and Optimist sailing.  LBYC is proud to be the home of Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year Stephanie Roble and Annie Haeger. The mission of LBYC is to promote and encourage the sport of sailing: to support and sponsor Club sailboat racing and regattas on the waters of Lake Beulah; to support associations involved in the regulation or promotion of the sport of sailing; to promote the sportsmanship, good fellowship and volunteerism which are the natural result of the activities supported and sponsored above. 

Countdown to Beulah sailing


Opening Party - May 26


First Race - May 19 - C and MC short races 1/2  2:30PM (J Porter/P Welscher/M Barr/ L. Haeger team)

May 20 - C and MC short races 3/4 10:30 (J Porter/ Andrea Sullivan, Ron Jarecki/ C Porter team)

Sailing is starting early this year with an E scow sailing in April.

Crane is Ready

Last night, we took Mike Considine's E-Scow out in a fabulous lake breeze and 45 degree temps on Lake Beulah. Awesome ride! John Porter and Mike traded off at the helm and I handled the jib. I learned a lot watching these guys operate. Mike, of course, is a sailmaker for UK Sails Chicago. - Rob Hudson


Sailing won't be far behind.  Regatta season begins in the snowy Midwest in less than a month. Good luck to the Springfield sailors followed by Cedar, IN. Beulah always makes a strong showing at the two back to back Cedars. The Beulah season begins May 19th after Workday. 

LBYC College Women Travel East

You might not recognize them but Caroline Skotarzak (far right) and Andrea Sullivan (second left) are warm and toasty as they brave the eastern waters of the US. The women travel far and wide to compete in non-icy water. The two will travel to Florida next week, on break, to train in warmer waters at Eckerd College. Also pictured is Cailin Considine, daughter of UK sailmaker Mike (second on right).



Lake Beulah Yacht Club

Phone: 262-642-4468

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