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Lake Beulah Yacht Club in East Troy, WI was incorporated in 1893. It is the home to C and MC scow, X boat and Optimist sailing.  LBYC is proud to be the home of Rolex Yachtswomen of the Year Stephanie Roble and Annie Haeger. The mission of LBYC is to promote and encourage the sport of sailing: to support and sponsor Club sailboat racing and regattas on the waters of Lake Beulah; to support associations involved in the regulation or promotion of the sport of sailing; to promote the sportsmanship, good fellowship and volunteerism which are the natural result of the activities supported and sponsored above. 

Annie Cate Schmidt and Anneliese LeRoy Take Quad Title



MC Invitational- Nagawicka  July 13-15
X Treme X - July 16-17
C Invitational - Beulah - July 21-22
No Tears - Beulah - July 23



Wednesday Night Cookout

July 18

Wednesday Night Racing

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 ILYA C Invitational

Regatta Registration:
No Tears -  Registration open
 ILYA C Invite - ILYA Reg available 3/1/18;          Social package available now
     Dorn MC Regatta - Registration open
     Beulah Challenge C Regatta - Registration open


Quad Lakes
1 - Annie Cate Schmidt and Anneliese LeRoy
7 - Augie Jarecki and Billy Webber
8 - Jonah Boykin and Callie Smith
15- Ashley Mueller and Maggie Probst

LBSS Opti Regatta Results

2nd - Ashley Mueller and 2nd Red
6th - Izzy Rietz and 3rd  Blue
Alex Mueller - 3rd white

Al Haeger is Top MegaMaster at MC Masters Nationals. 

C National Championships
1- Peter Keck and Ben Porter  (also Race 1 Winner)
2 - John Porter and Pat Welscher (also Race 2 and 4 Winner)
3 - Kent Haeger and Mike Greeson (also Top Master)
8 - Joe Skotarzak and Anne Muller (also Race 3 Winner)
Top Junior - Michael Barr and Nora Kiernan (also Race 5 Winner)
Top female - Kate Klement and Rob Klement

Three Beulah sailors capture A Nationals Title with three Lake Geneva sailors.  Chuck Lamphere, I-96,  took home the title after 15 years of sailing White Magic. In his acceptance speech, he noted that JP Porter, David Porter and himself had been at this over two boats and 15 years. This year the addition of youthful Malcolm Lamphere, Gordon Lamphere and Michael Barr created a team that was unbeatable in these three sailing days. Oh, by the way, Gordon mounted an Olympic campaign in a Finn, Malcolm is a collegiate national champ three times and is now mounting an Olympic campaign in a Laser and Michael is an ILYA Champion.  Congrats to this team who sails out of Lake Geneva as did the Red Eye who was an all Beulah team who won Nationals two years ago. 



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