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Social events

2018 Social Assignments

Weekend or Special Events

Opening Day Party 5/26
Chris & Chrissy Kubicek, Al and Linda Haeger, Steve and Kathy Barth, Greg and Pat Thomas, Rob and Penny Clayton, Jason and Bridgette Bonifield, Joe Skotarzak and Melanie Urben, Mike and Dawn Greeson

125th Anniversary Event 6/30
Al and Linda Haeger, Molly and Martin Barr, 
Marie and Tim LeRoy, and Randy and Nancy Schmidt

Pancake Breakfast- 7/4
Rob and Joelle Hudson,Tim and Julie Lange, Keith Beren, Gil Brickler, Lisa Whittet, Cheryl and Chris Porter, Gail and David Abbott, Vicki and David Bohl, Matt Haeger

LBSS Fundraiser 7/7
David and Marge Berg, Randy and Nancy Schmidt, Jim and Betsy Kutschenreuter

Commodore’s Ball 8/25
Kent and Julie Haeger, Carol and Robert Klement, Dale and Nancy Roble, Mark and Maggie Smith, Jay and Karin Hiller, Jeff Lippert

Trophy Dinner 9/1
Glenn McMurray and Andrea Lee, Anne Humphrey, Joe Byrnes and Karla Keck, Anne Franzene, Katie McMurray, Neal and Teriann Norris, Frank and Julie Davenport, Dave and Mary K Davenport,

Hors D’ouevres Party
Monty and Chris Mackey Dr. Charles Frank and Karen Peters, Laura Meagher, Milt Haeger and Adrienne Cozette

C Fleet Party  - June 2 
Andy and Anne Muller,Brad and Christine McNeil, Jeff Komas, Ben Porter, Daniel Barth, Brad Roble, Katie and Paul Osterholm, Susan Hiller, Andrew Bohl



Cookout 5/30-Sidestays’ Logo Night
Peggy and Dave Krueger, Norm and Rose Sass, Judy and Dave Skotarzak, Mitzy Dorn

Cookout 6/6
Ken and Pat Jarecki, Roy and Judy Gerloff, Bette and George Grubis,  Lynn Welscher

Cookout 6/13
John and Molly Porter, Maryellen and Chuck Heckman, Kandace Theisen/Thomas Scherwenka, Neal Klement

Cookout 6/20
Joe and Pam Katcha, Jeff and Shari Mueller, Elaine and Eric Rietz,

Cookout 6/27
Susan and John Brown, Dave and Doreen Schmidt, Tom and Nancy Horter, Jay and Karin Hiller

Cookout 7/11
Carol and Don Stein, Sam and Erna Liebovich, Mary and Pat Hudec, Mark and Kathy Kiernan, Terry Savage

Cookout 7/18
Doug and Deanna Tracy, Wendy and Dave Bitter, Glen and Beth Kreinbrink,

Cookout 7/25
Bruce and Elizabeth Firestone ,John and Lucille Meehan, Carolyn and John Becker, Rich and Anita Gaggioli



Cookout 8/8
Dennis and Judy Smalley, Dick and Jean Patterson, Ron and Andrea Jarecki, Don and Carrie Franzene

Cookout 8/15
Charles and Jennifer Kaska, David and Michaela Ward, Marie and Tim LeRoy,  Brian Bellew and Jane Kiernan

Cookout 8/22
Ronald and Peg SanFelippo, Paul and Janet Smyczek, John and Emily Sullivan, Cindy Kent/Karl Zettlemoyer

Cookout 8/29
Steve and Sandy Rotier, Paul and Kathy  Riedl, David and Carolyn Nahrwold, Bob and Karen Mueller

Cookout 9/5 - Football Cookout
Tom and Barb Atkinson, Don and Lorraine Tacke, Stuart and Danielle Alger, Val Johnson, Stan and Ann Alger

Other Events

MC Fleet Party
Susan and Ron Clayton, Vicki Clayton, Hardy and Kathy Will,  Jeff and Joslyn Hudson

New Event - Family Christmas Luncheon 
Brian and Brooke Brickler, Kevin and Molly Brickler, Katie and Shawn Murphy, Pat and Janel Welscher

Christmas Party 
Mary and Steve Schmitendorf, Neil and Sara Seeger, Frank and Ruth Rappold


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