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Commodore's Ball

Come join us in celebrating Commodore Joe Skotarzak. Dress like Joe - Badger red, token Joe Sko outfits, and painted toe nails are encouraged. Dinner stations by Toothpicks, laid back music, and a night full of friendly faces! $50/person. $25 for college students. RSVP by Friday August 9th, 11:59 PM. 

Reservations CLOSED

Who Is Registered - 152

Robert and Lucy Atac
Brian Bellew and Jane Kiernan 
Marge and Dave Berg
Andrew Bohl and Liz O'Leary
Michael and Dee Bach
Marty, Molly, Cullen, Michael, John Barr (college)
Steve Barth
Kristi Bauer - 2
Keith and Bruce Beren
Dave Bitter, Junior
David and Vicki Bohl
Brian and Brooke Brickler
Gil Brickler 
Kevin and Molly Brickler
Karla Keck and Joe Byrnes
Rob and Penny Clayton
Vicki Clayton
Kevin and Christina Connor
Frank and Julie Davenport
Mary Kay and Dave Davenport
Michael and Dawn Greeson
Bobby Gull
Kent and Julie Haeger
Matt Haeger
Will Haeger
Jay and Karen Hiller
Susan Hiller - 2
Bill Hudson 
Jeff Hudson de Tarnowsky 
Ron and Andrea Jarecki
Charles and Jennifer Kaska
Joe and Pam Katcha
Peter and Andrea Keck
Mark, Kathy, Mary Claire, George and Nora Kiernan - 3 + 2 college
Kate Klement
Neal Klement
Robert and Carol Klement - to be paid
Ned Kline
Jeff Komas
Chris and Chrissy Kubicek
Jim and Betsy Kutschenreuter
Mike LaFratta 
Tim Lange and Julie Brandt
Tim and Marie LeRoy
Glenn McMurray and Andrea Lee
Jeff Lippert
John and Ginny McGowan
Brad and Christine McNeil
Jeff and Shari Mueller
Anne and Andy Muller
Shawn and Katie Murphy
Rick and Lindey Neudorff
Ben Porter
Dave and Candace Porter
John and Molly Porter
Rick and Adrienne Riessle
Eric Rietz
Dale and Nancy Roble
Dave and Doreen Schmidt
Randy, Nancy, Riley and Patrick Schmidt 
Tracy Schroeder
Dave and Amy Schultz
Dave and Judy Skotarzak
Dave Sko, Junior - to be paid
Mark and Maggie Smith
Don and Carol Stein
John, Emily, David, Scotty, and Erin Sullivan, Bridget Smith - 4 college
Don Tacke (6 adults 2 college)
Kandace Theisen and Tom Schwerwenka
Greg and Pat Thomas
Doug and Deanna Tracy
Dan and MaryAnn Uhen
Dave and Michaela Ward
Pat and Janel Welscher
Hardy and Kathy Will 



Joe Byrnes and Karla Keck
Tim Lange and Julie Brandt

Anne and Andy Muller
Christine and Brad McNeil
Lindey and Rick Neudorff

Guests of Honor

Joe Skotarzak
Caroline Skotarzak
Melanie Urben

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