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LBYC Sidestays

Sidestays was founded in 1968 as an auxiliary organization and is open to all female members of the club. With over 45 years of service,  Sidestays continues to raise funds to support youth sailing and the Lake Beulah Yacht Club. Thanks to the dedication to all members and their many hours of valuable time, Sidestays was able to raise enough money to donate to our outstanding sailors on their quest for international excellence, to provide substantial support for our youth sailors, and contribute to the purchase of well-needed kitchen and club supplies. In addition to raising funds for the benefit of the club, Sidestays also provides numerous social opportunities for all! The Lake Beulah Shoppe located inside the club house is managed by the Sidestays; a great place to purchase clothing and other items promoting our club.

2018 Float Boat

2018 Sidestays Officers

Anne Humphrey            President
Kandace Theisen           President - elect
Mary Schmitendorf      Secretary
Susan Clayton                 Treasurer
Val Johnson                       Treasurer-elect
Joelle Cook                        Ways and Means
Lynn Welscher                  Past President

Past Presidents

1969 Ethel Bergenthal
1970-71 Nan N. Norris
1972-73 Marcie Bach
1974 Edie Klement
1975 Judy Beren
1976-77 Lorraine Burmeister
1978 Jeannine Porter
1979 Joan Bohl
1980 Lee Tess
1981 Shirley Gawne
1982 Marge Harvey
1983 Jeaneene Komas
1984 Ruth Rzepecki
1985 Nan L. Norris
1986 Doreen Schmidt
1987 Jean Holloway
1988 Wilma Mann
1989 Cele Vlazny
1990 Carol Stein
1991 Judy Skotarzak
1992 Betty Gehrmann
1993 Gan Haeger
1994 Gretchen Oster
1995 Caroline Collins
1996 Sally Bitter
1997 Terry Barr
1998 Ruth Brust
1999 Mary Hudec
2000 Barb Atkinson
2001 Maya Murphy
2002 Karen Mueller
2003 Kathy Will
2004 Ann Alger
2005 Maryellen Heckman
2006 Peggy Krueger
2007 Ann Martin
2008 Susan Brown
2009 Joan Dow
2010 Sandy Rotier
2011 Cathy Riedl
2012 Wendy Bitter
2013 Chrissy Kubicek
2014 Susan Clayton
2015 Penny Clayton
2016 Mary Schmitendorf
2017 Lynn Welscher

Lake Beulah Yacht Club Sponsors

Interested in becoming a sponsor of Lake Beulah Yacht Club? Contact 
Candace Porter